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The Truth About Ooples Apparel

This blog is to show all the testimonials of how Franklin has treated people. Feel free to submit or send an ask about your testimonials, or you can tag it with #ooples or #ooplestruth and I will see it.

You can also check out for more stories and testimonies from a former assistant manager.

[Despite common goals, this blog is not affiliated with ooplesapparel or shoeofallcosmos and functions on it's own opinions, values, and goals.]

We have now launched! And you can send your submissions by email at

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**All submissions should be interpreted as a statement of opinion, rather than a pronouncement of fact.**

Jun 23 '13

Anonymous asked:

I really, really wish I saw this page earlier. I went to Ooples for the first time today (which I was extremely disappointed by) and ended up buying a blind box figure. Oh gosh, if only I read this earlier I would have taken it right back. It's such a shame that Franklin seems to be giving the anime community a bad name here in San Antonio. The last thing anime should be associated with is shady business.

I completely agree that it is a shame. I’m sorry that you hadn’t found this blog earlier, but now you know and you can shop wiser for it. :)

Jun 22 '13
[Okay, I’m having trouble posting the whole photoset right now but I can at least post one of the photos right now.

Like I said, this was a little while ago. But was taken this month.]

This is a photo of hentai mangas stacked in plain sight of anyone walking into Ooples. One of the stacks of manga had an uncensored picture on it. Any person, child or adult, could easily see this while browsing in the store as it was on the floor out in the open. Also, as you can see, a few of them arent even shrink wrapped so you could just pick it up and read it right there. 

[I’ll try to post some of the others if I can’t get the full photoset to post. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

[Okay, I’m having trouble posting the whole photoset right now but I can at least post one of the photos right now.

Like I said, this was a little while ago. But was taken this month.]

This is a photo of hentai mangas stacked in plain sight of anyone walking into Ooples. One of the stacks of manga had an uncensored picture on it. Any person, child or adult, could easily see this while browsing in the store as it was on the floor out in the open. Also, as you can see, a few of them arent even shrink wrapped so you could just pick it up and read it right there.

[I’ll try to post some of the others if I can’t get the full photoset to post. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

Jun 18 '13

Hello world!

Sorry for my absences lately, been dealing with some personal stuff. But that’s not important!

I have few things that were submitted to me a little while back and I’ll be posting them a little later.

My ask box is still open, to remind you I’m still taking submits of your testimonials and whatnot. (also at

In the mean time, thank you all for the support given and an extra thank you to those who’ve stood up and have come forward about Franklin.

Here’s to hoping you are all having a wonderful day.

Jun 5 '13

Anonymous asked:

Lol looks like your popularity is dying.

1. I don’t care about popularity. Despite wanting the truth known, “popularity” was never something I cared for. That one time I hashtagged it was out of a joke.

2. The truth will not die. It’s only begun. We’ve barely even reached the first dive in this rollercoaster. So please, keep all hands, feet and objects inside the ride at all times.

Jun 5 '13

Anonymous asked:

Thanks for telling me my submission was irrelevant. If it was so irrelevant, then why post it? I guess if it doesn't involve mud slinging, you aren't interested. Way to be impartial.

It would be nice if you were more specific on what your post was. Either way, things I mark irrelevant are testimonials that don’t pertain to the business practices of Ooples itself. But if it was a judge of character of Franklin, I’ll still post it since it is still a testimonial. Being impartial is posting pretty much everything I get as long as it isn’t ridiculously off-topic. If I had just omitted it, you’d still claim me as not being impartial, so it’s whatever really. 

May 28 '13

A friendly reminder

That I’m deleting asks about Anime Odyssey.

The speculation that Franklin is/was running it is already on the table, also the speculation that there was a group separate from Franklin whom was running it and claimed Ooples was only the wallet.

This particular subject is currently irrelevant to the mission of this blog because there is no definitive proof from either group what the truth is.

Also, I’m tired of talking about it.

If you wanted to know about the convention, you should have gone.

Or ask someone else who went to the convention.

I don’t mean this to sound mad or anything. I’m not. It’s just, I don’t much care to write about the convention, and the goal of this blog is about Ooples and it’s poor business practices.

So I apologize, but that’s all I’m going to say on the matter unless something else comes up that makes it relevant to the blog again.

But thanks for asking my opinion on the matter, I feel #popular.

May 28 '13


I am obsessed with this blog! I had no idea this kind of stuff could ever go on inside a legit business. I only visited the store a few times. And only when it was in the mall. I always try and make friends with people who own small businesses. My wife had ordered a few things and we picked them up with no problems. The price was a little high and I wasn’t sure if they were legit but I was eager to help out a new business. The last time I went to the store Franklin had just got in a huge lot of older mangas. My wife had excitedly wanted a couple of old Sailor Moon books. They weren’t priced yet. Franklin said he would look them up. I noticed 2 other employees vigorously cataloging other books. Franklin had sat at his counter on the computer the whole time we were there. Franklin had quoted us around 100$ for each book. I know people often list things on eBay and such for ridiculous prices but this seemed excessively high. We declined and left the store. My wife and I walked around the rest of the mall and as we were leaving got a call from Frogman. He wanted to renegotiate the price of the books. Again, we declined. After this somewhat creepy experience we never went back. 

— andro6657
May 23 '13

Submit from Anonymous

I helped with a small convention back in April. The two Ooples guys who went to sell were given stuff that wasn’t priced and wasn’t fit for the convention. The guys told me that Franklin expected them to know the prices and if they undercharged someone they would have to pay the remainder themselves. He wouldn’t give them gas money, food money, or room money, and the only pay they got was part of what was sold that weekend. They had a tiny table which didn’t show off the merchandise which led to no sells the first day. The second day our group learned the guys had to sleep in the car because they didn’t have the gas to get home and back. If I remember correctly they tried to talk to Franklin about this but no surprise he didn’t do anything about it. During the second day of the guys suffered a seizure and had to go to the hospital. Someone called Franklin and the first thing he said was, “Who is watching my stuff?” he didn’t care what happened to this person selling at a convention for him. Of course nothing sold that day either. The last day one of the guys came back upset which he had to right to be. After a few hours he decided to just pack up and leave. None of us blamed him.

[ending paragraph redacted as it pertains to a civil matter not covered under the mission of this site] 

May 23 '13

A Friend of Franklin

While I cannot comment on the claims about tax fraud or being a cheapskate to his customers…or any of the accusations of physical abuse that have nothing to do with Ooples as a business.

That said I have been friends with Franklin since San Japan first started.  We met at one of the first meetings we had with the original con chair; Carrie.  I personally have always known Franklin to be a kind person, and generous in general.  So as a person, I don’t doubt him.  As a business man…I have no idea.  I imagine he must be doing something right to have made it this far.  From knowing him as long as I have, I know he must be trying to do right by his customers and employees.

And frankly (pardon the pun), in my opinion…I think in trying to make it big, maybe he bit off more than he could chew.  It has become more than he can do alone.  I don’t think that anything that he has done was done maliciously.  And please don’t think that I condone physical abuse of any kind.  But stress can cause good people to snap.

At worst Franklin is human, but not evil.  If these accusations are true, then I need to go find out what is going on in this man’s head right now.  We always jump to the conclusion that a man is evil, but we can’t rightly come to that conclusion until we step into his shoes.

The only crime I know he has committed is making those god awful t-shirts with the chibi version of him on them.  But I rib him about that all the time.

May 23 '13

Testimony from Somone who has been in involved with ooples since the concept phase

I was another member of ACES and was invlolved with Ooples when it was but a concept. I personally liked it better when it was the custom hats and screen printed shirts. He was A LOT nicer back then or so it seemed to me as an outsider looking in. I didn’t help out to much since I was in school and had other things to do with my life. But I will share what I know from good friends, exes, and associates. 

But with friends who helped when I was at the store, they were never compensated for work normally given the “I can hook you up with this” excuse back at the Wonderlands location. They never really even got food or a thank you. I was friends with a few artist consignees and they got ripped off my opinion., The contract was sell it to me wholesale or i take half. 50% is a lot to take out from handmade items which are priced on labor and supplies so artists wouldn’t make anything even when he sold them. He had them poorly placed and did not market them to often if that. (Note i think the consignment rate decreased but I am sure by how much). He did not keep track of artist sales so not everyone even got paid.

Customer service is pretty bad., You can simply read the Amazon reviews and see that 90% of the responses to negative feedback blames the customer in a way or takes the fault off them. I worked retail and do online sales, This is a bad deal on customer service. Quality of goods is over priced. Many items are used and cards as well. As an avid Magic player I know how drastically card condiditon can impact the price on cards and over pricing your cards will lose you business since we can just buy them off eachother cheaper or trade. Selling used merchandise at ridiculous prices is attrocious. If you want to be a GOOD business man then you should be fair instead of pocketing that. Asides from his treatment of people, this has prevented me from ever making a purchase.

On terms of Franklin, he really was a bit nicer before the go of ooples. Despite no one being compensated he was not as rude to anyone or Crystal. The only time I heard of someone being compensated was a friend of mine who got paid in a T-shirt. Lately, he has been exploiting the “volunteers”. From the conventions this year, Anime Matsuri my friends were the only ones really running them. One of them being an 18 year old girl and that stressed her out badly. She feel asleep under a friends artist alley table sunday morning. When she left to get food (note if you were at matsuri you know how long it took get food) she kept getting calls from Franklin to get her back to booth but she and several other friends were beyond exhausted with over work. Their con hotel room was uncomfortably overcroweded and meals and gas was not paid for. At the con the following week, two people who worked for him were promised a room yet they had none, They had to sleep in their car that weekend. At san japan mach 5, a now former co-worker of mine set up his booth all morning for the dealers room. Franklin was like well thanks but no badge for you and ran off. They were able to sneak a badge regardless but refused to work for him ever again. With underpaying employees (and as an business adminstration major and accounting major) this is a crime. You cannot pay anyone in sotre credit it is actually illegal accouring to federal guides and my text book stateUnder the FLSA, the pay you receive must be in the form of cash or something that can be readily converted into cash or other legal forms of compensation, such as food and lodging. Your employer cannot, for example, pay you with a coupon or token that can be spent only at a store run by the employer. Employee discounts granted by employers do not count toward the minimum wage requirement.”

Paying an employee under minimum wage is also illegal. I know the girl who was paid 2.09/hour and this is illegal. If she is not a server for a business listed as a restraunt under the state then is illegal and a federal offense. Not paying overtime is also wrong and I know this is bs when it was noted that people are not working over 40 hours. The employeer is required to pay time and a half or give paid time off (i,e. working 8 extra hours but the next week getting paid for that time while staying at home).


Working people off the clock is illegal in many cases and most states. To get around he would need CONSENT in writing. Also while contracted employees are not illegal, he also needs to tell them about the IRS taking the taxes out in that lump sum (for moral reasons mostly). He also needs to make CONTRACTS since employees in this category are self employeed contractors according to the IRS he needs contracts in order to classify them properly or they can classify as normal employees and this puts trouble with the IRS and there are legal guidelines for this. Simply listing an employee as contracted to dick them around is wrong. 

The structural issue can be the landlord’s fault PENDING the terms of the rental lease. Some propertry owers note in the leasing agreement that the damages to the property are at the hands of the person/company renting it (normally to keep from from paying out of pocket for repairs). So if the lease gives Franklin responsiblity to repair the damage then he is required to comply with it due to OSHA and the leasing agreement. I am not that heavy about 160 max and I walked in and felt the floor creek and do very wierd things. The floor is warped and the loose electric wires are the biggest issue in the store. It can cause fires and injure people. 


Anyhow to end this rant. He is a poor business man who is exploiting his employees and I have known him since either ‘08 or ‘09.  Personally I think he needs to COMPLETELY leave the company and either sell it to someone who knows what they are doing or give it Crystal. She has morals and is a sweetheart and is pretty damn smart to.